The town of Waimea, otherwise known as Kamuela, is nestled between Mauna Kea and Kohala Volcanoes, the latter of which is the oldest of the five volcanoes that make up the Big Island of Hawaii. These now extinct volcanoes created a lush, fertile valley that is the home to one of the largest and oldest cattle farms in the United States. The herd that now roams this northern region are descendants of the cattle that were first given to King Kamehameha I as a gift in 1793. This quaint town located within verdant, emerald rolling hills and minutes away from the famed Kohala Coast is picturesque with mild weather and golden light permeating everything around, giving this place an almost dreamlike feel.

Here in Waimea you’ll find some of the most delectable dining experiences the Big Island has to offer. With many farm to table establishments and family owned and operated restaurants, you’ll know why this place ranks high on any foodie’s must visit places in the Hawaiian Islands.

Come experience the taste of land and sea!